Project Support & Consultation

Project Support & Consultation Services

There are many applications where experience-based consulting can be extremely beneficial to your company.  SSI brings experienced consultants to aid in conceptual and detailed design, construction, commissioning, startup and general facility operations.  SSI consultants escalate the design phase, providing answers to such questions as:


• Which Gas Cleanup technology will be best for my design? Should it be a chemical or physical solvent?

• How can I design the facility to reduce or eliminate startup / shutdown emissions?

• How can I increase facility reliability and on-stream availability factors in the early phases of design?

• What will the O&M cost for my project be?

• How can I increase plant efficiencies?

• How can I streamline facility commissioning during detailed design?

• Where are the problem areas and how can I design for success?

• How should I staff and train personnel?