Commissioning and Startup

Commissioning & Startup Services

We provide total package commissioning and startup services for Syngas facilities including:

  • Air separation units
  • Syngas equipment & processes
  • Gas treatment and conditioning
  • Downstream processes such as power generation, chemicals, GTL, SNG production, etc.


Examples of Total Package commissioning and startup services are listed below:

  • Management, planning and execution of all commissioning & startup activities (as agreed)
  • SSI will define the scope for construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup testing
  • Scoping of process & technical drawings
  • Development of startup logic and waterfall schedules
  • Development of detailed systems logic and schedule as project progresses
  • Development of detailed commissioning plans
  • Scheduling and coordination of tools and heavy equipment
  • Review and acceptance of construction packages (by system)
  • Provide all manual and non-manual commissioning & startup resources required
  • Reporting of commissioning and startup progression
  • Documenting of test data for all devices and equipment
  • Coordination and implementation of first fills, chemical cleaning, steam blow activities
  • Enforcement of safe work behaviors and project safety processes and programs
  • Perform initial system startups
  • Provide OJT for operations & maintenance personnel
  • Development of turnover packages to the owner following successful commissioning and startup
  • Perform initial facility startup & operation
  • Assist with performance testing
Temporary Steam Blow Piping
Gasification Facility